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The company Serumwerk Bernburg was founded in 1954 and privatised into a joint stock company in 1992. During this time, the firm grew into a company that is famous throughout the world as a producer und supplier of medicines for human and veterinary use with the focus on colloidal volume replacement agents based on natural biopolymers (gelatine, hydroxyethyl starch) also for the therapy of anaemia of suckling piglets (Gleptoferron/Irondextran)

The first manufacturing plant for hydroxyethyl starch (HES) was opened in Bernburg in 1996 and expanded several times.

Following the world wide growing demand for Irondextran (Gleptoferron) we increased the capacity of our Synthesis plant.

To meet the increasing needs of our international customers, a new synthesis plant was opened at the Bernburg site and a dialyzer plant in Pirna (close to Dresden), thus ensuring that the company would continue to grow and that jobs in the region would be secure.

Headoffice in Bernburg
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